Charyn Canyon: Explore Nomadic Traditions and Magical Canyons
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Embark on a journey through the Great Steppes to explore nomadic traditions and the magical Charyn Canyon. Discover the secrets of the Steppe Calendar, the values of Kazakh shepherds, and the transformation of dogs. Uncover the main product of local farmers and unravel the legends of the canyon's mysterious castles and towers. Don't miss this unforgettable experience!
Duration: 12 hours
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  • Almaty - Our journey will take us down the Kuldjinskiy trail, once trodden by the caravans of the Great Silk Road as they headed towards the frontier of China centuries before. Along the way, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss the history of the Great Silk Road, the various peoples who settled these lands, and their cultural practices and belief systems.
    To our left, we’ll gaze upon the vast expanses of the Great Steppe – the birthplace of nomadic societies, where livestock still roams and a network of untamed trails leads to the homesteads of indigenous shepherds. To our right, the snow-capped summits of the venerable Tian Shan range will come into view. Our route will then take us through the Kok Pek gorge, the Sugatinskaya and Zhelanashskaya valleys, and past villages that once cultivated tobacco for the Soviet Union but now enjoy the serene life of private landownership.

  • Charyn Canyon National Park - Often referred to as the smaller sibling of the renowned Grand Canyon in the USA, Charyn Canyon stretches over 150km with depths reaching up to 300m in certain areas. We’ll explore the canyon’s most captivating segment, known as “The Valley of Castles,” which is most striking when viewed from the base, where a tourist trail has been established.
    The walking segment of our excursion is 2.5km, including a pause for refreshments. As we proceed, we’ll delve into the canyon’s history, its myths, and the diverse plant and animal life. Descending towards the Charyn River, we’ll observe geological strata that date back millions of years.
    The journey concludes at the scenic banks of the Charyn River. The return trip to the parking area is an experience in itself: aboard a specially modified Russian off-road vehicle with open sides, we’ll breeze through the canyon’s natural stone towers and arches.

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We will admire the unbelievable vast landscapes of the Great Steppes

We will get to know the peculiarities of the nomadic way of life, who and how invented the Steppe Calendar and what are the main values of the Kazakh shepherds.

We will speak about the religions of The Great Steppe and how dogs were transformed from the sacred animals to the devil servants.

We will find out about the main product of local farmers of the USSR time.

At the end of our journey through the steppes we will reach the kingdom of canyons that created mysterious castles and towers, home for the witches and magic red wolfs,

The visit of the canyons that are millions years old with their mysterious stories will not leave anyone indifferent!

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Jul 17, 2023
Wild West in the Middle Asia - After having my first tour with this company I was so impressed that changed my plane tickets to get another tour. Even though the weather was very hot I never regretted that I took my chance to go to this marvelous place! The road takes about 3 hours but my tour guide Maria made these 3 hours extremely interesting telling me the fascinating stories about the history and culture of this great land and it’s people. I got to know about the Silk way and medieval kingdoms of the steppes, the ancient traditions of the nomads and how are they are still alive in the modern life the local people! The canyon itself is also a wonderful experience - suddenly you feel yourself at the Wild West but then you see Asian tents “yurta” and here comes the old ussr car offering you a lift through the canyon - absolutely mind blowing thing! 😃 The views are also breathtaking of course (see the photos!!). This place is definitely the must see and I highly recomendé to do it with this company!!
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