Charyn Canyon, Kolsay and Kaindy Lakes Group Tour: Spectacular Nature Sights in Kazakhstan
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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Kazakhstan's nature on a group tour to Charyn Canyon, Kolsay Lake, and Kaindy Lake. Explore stunning landscapes and witness mysterious natural phenomena.
Duration: 14 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Charyn Canyon - From Almaty to Charyn Canyon 2,5 hours by minibus.
    The Canyon has been described as the Grand Canyon’s little brother. The Canyon itself is approximately 150 km long, and, in places up to 300 meters deep. We will visit “Valley of Castles”, the length is 2,5 km, the depth is 20-80 meters.
    The story of the Canyon is that it was formed about 25 million years ago.
    If you are keen of hiking, we can for hiking 2.5km for one side till the Charyn river or you can take a car with open roof for 500 kzt to one side to admire the view from the car. There are spectacular, beautiful view of Canyon and river.
  • Lake Kaindy - After Charyn Canyon we will go to Saty village where we will have lunch in local guest house or yurt. After lunch it will take 40 minutes to Kaindy lake. We will change car 2 times (old cars), after that we will walk around 15 minutes to reach Kaindy lake. Free time on Kaindy lake will take around 1 hour.
    Lake Kaindy is at an altitude of 2000m and geologically very young. This 400m long lake was formed in 1911 after an earthquake triggered an enormous limestone landslide, which formed a natural dam in the gorge that was covered by spruce trees.
  • Kolsai Lake - After Kaindy we will go to Kolsay lake through Saty village by our own car.
    Kolsay Lakes – one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. These lakes are located at heights 1800, 2250 and 2700 metres above sea level. We will visit the first lake, which is located at the height of 1818 metres, has the length of 1 km, and width about 300 metres. Once visited this place, will never forget their magnificence and calmness around
What's Included
  • Bottled water included
  • Lunch provided
  • Comfortable in-vehicle air conditioning
  • All fees and taxes covered
What's Not Included
  • Dinner
  • (for +18 travelers)
  • Breakfast
  • Boating/16 usd, horse riding /23usd per person half an hour
Additional Information

Within a single day, you can experience the stunning beauty of nature at places such as Charyn Canyon, the ‘little sibling of the Grand Canyon’, Kolsay Lake - the gem of Tyan Shan Mountain, and Kaindy lake - an underwater forest. The breath-taking views, strangest, most mystical and unexplainable natural phenomena are sure to captivate you. Allow the splendour of Kazakhstan’s natural landscape to inspire you.

  • This tour requires minimum number of travellers ( 5 people).If it is canceled because the minimum isn’t met,you will be offered different date or a full refund
Zenkov St 24
Zenkov Street
The meeting point is a museum of folk musical instruments, it's wooden building opposite Kazakh National souvenirs
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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Jan 11, 2024
Humble and wonderful experience - Assel was fabulous and I would highly recommend her for multiple tours. Kazakh as a country has a lot of language barrier, so she helped a lot with the tour and communication. I have a very positive vibe. So I would recommend her for great tours.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Dec 14, 2023
One day Trip to Charyn Canyon and Kolsay Lake. - Our journey from Dubai to Almaty, Kazakhstan, was a mesmerizing experience, enriched by the region's captivating natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Our expedition to Charyn Canyon was a highlight, showcasing the rugged, yet serene landscape of Kazakhstan. The panoramic vistas of the canyon were simply breathtaking, providing a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity. Equally impressive was their visit to Kolsoy Lake, a pristine alpine lake nestled in the mountains. The lake's crystal-clear waters, surrounded by towering peaks, offered a serene escape and a multitude of photographic opportunities. This natural wonder exemplified the untouched beauty of Kazakhstan's outdoors. A standout experience was the traditional lunch in a local village. The hospitality and warmth of the hosts added an authentic touch to their journey. The cuisine, rich in flavours and made with locally sourced ingredients, provided a delightful taste of Kazakh culinary traditions. This meal not only satiated their appetites but also offered a glimpse into the daily life and customs of the local people. The journey was made even more enriching by their guide, Alina. Her excellent command of the language and deep knowledge of Kazakh culture, nature, and key historical sites significantly enhanced their understanding and appreciation of the region. Alina's insights into the history and significance of each site they visited brought the landscapes to life, connecting them to the rich tapestry of Kazakh history and culture. In conclusion, our trip to Almaty was a remarkable blend of natural splendour, cultural immersion, and educational enrichment. It was a journey that not only provided them with stunning visuals and thrilling experiences but also deepened their understanding of a land rich in history and tradition. This trip to Almaty, especially with the guidance of an expert like Alina, is highly recommended for anyone seeking an adventure that is both visually enchanting and intellectually rewarding. Thank you Alina and Salta.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Dec 9, 2023
Adventure in Kazakhstan - The guide, Alina, and Mr Driver were awesome. Tour had some adventurous surprises? like a horse rides, soviet van off-road rides, rides in an open-air jeep to see the black canyon in all its splendour (hang on for your dear life!) and a delicious lunch at local family stay's house. Beautiful scenery, good service and company. Highly recommended to book with them if you come visit Almaty!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Nov 4, 2023
Assel: A Guiding Light Through Kazakhstan's Beauty ✨ - Assel, our guide for the Charyn Canyon, Kaindy Lake, Kolsay Lake, and Black Canyon adventure, was exceptional. Her expertise and passion were evident from the start. Assel catered to our preferences, shared insights, and created a sense of camaraderie. Her warmth made it a delightful, social exploration. Our horseback riding experience was a true highlight of the journey. The local guide was very friendly and skilled in handling the horses and had deep knowledge of the terrain which made us feel safe and confident throughout the ride. We were fortunate to share a meal at a local Kazakh family's home for lunch. It embodied the region's culinary heritage, leaving a lasting impression with rich flavors and a heartwarming ambiance. A testament to Kazakh cuisine and genuine hospitality. This experience deserves all the stars in the Milky way! ✨✨✨🌌
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Nov 2, 2023
Assel is the best guide. - Amazing views. And thanks to Assel for being the best guide to provide insight, history, and the best photograph opportunities. We were so lucky to have Assel as our guide. We also enjoyed a great meal of local food. 8 out of 5 stars.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Nov 1, 2023
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 7 Stars like Burj Al Arab in Dubai,UAE - “Assel our tour guide and her team (shoutout to our best driver and to the proud mama who prepared our home food meal!) The day went well and superb: they were truly amazing. We found a new friend today! ❤️ They were so nice and accommodating. Very professional yet personable. We really wanted to experience Kazakhstan the way the locals do and they provided us with that experience. She also gave us tips of Restaurant’s and place to visit along with helping us find our way around. I plan on visiting Kazakhstan again and if available I would definitely request Assel and her team.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 26, 2023
As if visiting a friend... - A wonderful day with Assel exploring Kaindy, Kolsay Lake and Charyn Canyon. By luck, it ended up being only myself and one other traveller, and we had exceptional weather. Rather than feeling like a run-of-the-mill tour, our day together felt more like visiting a friend - being hosted and shown around. Logistics were well-organized, flexible and, though a long day of driving, allowed us to see some remarkable places. There was space to talk, to rest, to discover. Lunch was delicious. Fair price. I'm genuinely happy I booked this.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 25, 2023
The best time! - Amazing views and an incredible guide! I had a blast! Assel was very sweet and kind, she made sure we had the best time possible. The locals were also very hospitable. There are many extra activities you can do on the tour if you want to enhance your experience. Recommended to everyone.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 21, 2023
Excellent effort from Almaty Inspiration Tour to make our day trip memorable - I joined by my colleague, we were two. Aseel has been very helpful throughout the booking process, very proactive and shared all the information of the tour, very open about pricing. We got a good deal when compared to other tour in the city. Alina took us to the places, we were picked up on time, excellent and spacious vehicles, experienced drivers throughout the trip. We took sufficient stops. The timing and sequence of visiting the places were well managed so that we get the best and convenient experience. Lunch included in the package was highlight, delicious local food. We did almost all activities, horse riding, boating, typical tourist photo with local costumes, etc, we were never asked to strictly follow the schedule. It was Friday and we were offered to go for Friday prayer in a village, thank you Alina. Alina has been very sportive and helped us in clicking some of the best photos. We took extra hours, on way back we took dinner break in a village, excellent selection of local delicacies. We weren't charged for extra hours or stops and detours. Quite generous team. Overall, it was an excellent experience, lot of credit goes to Alina and tour team.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 15, 2023
A fantastic day exploring incredibly beautiful and dramatic nature together with a great guide! - This tour was great! It took me to several wonderful places of both dramatic and calming natural beauty probably unknown to most tourists coming to Kazakhstan (including myself, it was my second time in Kazakhstan but I had only visited Almaty and Atyrau before). It included so many cool and interesting features, from traveling in Soviet-era terrain-going vans on primitive mountain roads to a delicious homemade lunch in a countryside family, we visited a yurt (traditional nomad family's tent) and we were able to try the legendary kymys (mare's milk), too! Our guide, Alina, took very good care of us! She made a great job and also took great pride in letting us get to know her beautiful, interesting country. The tour comes with quite some up- and downhill walking, but the wonders of nature and incredibly beautiful scenery was really worth it! I can't thank especially Alina enough for making this tour an unforgettable experience!
Review provided by Viator
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