Ancient Corinth & Nemea Wine Tasting: A Private Tour Into Greek Culture and Heritage
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Experience the ancient wonders of Corinth and Nemea on a private tour that immerses you in Greek culture and heritage. Indulge in wine tasting and explore historic sites with the guidance of trusted locals. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!
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  • Athens - The Rich and Powerful Ancient Corinth

With abundant water, important natural resources for export, an imposing acropolis (Acrocorinth), large fertile land, and its unique strategic position, the city soon became one of the greatest commercial centers of the Greek world.

Visiting Corinth and the Acrocorinth is a must-do for history buffs and fans of ancient Greek mythology. These two important historic sites are some of the most important in the Peloponnese and can easily be seen together in one day

these cities, Corinth retains a number of impressive ancient Greek ruins that are worth visiting today. For hundreds of years, Corinth was a major Greek city until the Romans destroyed the city in 146 BC but they built a new city in its place

Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece, with a population of 90,000 in 400 BC. The Romans demolished Corinth in 146 BC, built a new city in its place in 44 BC, and later made it the provincial capital of Greece

  • Corinth Canal - Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal is a waterway that crosses the narrow isthmus of Corinth to link the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf. As such, the canal separates the Greek mainland from the Peloponnese, turning it into an island
The canal, though executed in the late 19th century, has been a 2000-year-old dream. Before its construction, ships in the Aegean Sea that wanted to cross to the Adriatic or anchor in Corinth, a rich shipping city, had to circle the Peloponnese, which would prolong their journey an extra 185 nautical miles.
It is believed that Periander, the tyrant of Corinth (602 BC), was the first to conceive of the idea of digging the Corinth Canal. As the project was too complicated given the limited technical capabilities of the times, Periander constructed the diolkos, a stone road which allowed ships to be transferred on wheeled platforms.

  • The Diolkos - The Diolkos was a paved trackway near Corinth in Ancient Greece which enabled boats to be moved overland across the Isthmus of Corinth. The shortcut allowed ancient vessels to avoid the long and dangerous circumnavigation of the Peloponnese peninsula. The phrase “as fast as a Corinthian”, penned by the comic playwright Aristophanes, indicates that the trackway was common knowledge and had acquired a reputation for swiftness.
    The main function of the Diolkos was the transfer of goods, although in times of war it also became a preferred means of speeding up naval campaigns. The 6 km (3.7 mi) to 8.5 km (5.3 mi) long roadway was a rudimentary form of railway, and operated from c. 600 BC until the middle of the 1st century AD. The Diolkos combined the two principles of the railway and the overland transport of ships, on a scale that remained unique in antiquity.

  • Ancient Corinth (Archaia Korinthos) - Give us the chance to make this icon live and feel together the fundamentals of our culture.
    Trust the locals !!!

Corinth was a city-state on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece, roughly halfway between Athens and Sparta. The modern city of Corinth is located approximately 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) northeast of the ancient ruins.
For Christians, Corinth is well known from the two letters of Saint Paul in the New Testament, First and Second Corinthians. Corinth is also mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles as part of Paul the Apostle’s missionary travels. In addition, the second book of Pausanias’ Description of Greece is devoted to Corinth.
Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece, with a population of 90,000 in 400 BC. The Romans demolished Corinth in 146 BC, built a new city in its place in 44 BC, and later made it the provincial capital of Greece.

  • Archaeological Museum of Corinth - Archaeological Museum of Corinth

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth was constructed between 1931-1932, with intentions to display the numerous recent archaeological excavations. The museum is located within the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, Greece, and lies under the jurisdiction of the 37th Ephoreia of the Greek Archaeological Service.
Key aspects of the Archaeological site of Ancient Corinth include:
Hadgimoustafa spring
Lechaion Road
Fountain of Peirene

  • Temple of Apollo - Temple of Apollo, Ancient Corinth, Corinth 20007 Greece

The Temple of Apollo at Corinth was constructed in 550 BC.

Temple of Apollo: One of the earliest Doric temples in the Peloponnese and the Greek mainland with monolithic columns, rare in the ancient world, built around 560 BCE.

  • Acrocorinth - Visit one of the Most emblematic Castles The Acropolis of Corinth and enjoy The Breath Taking View

Acrocorinth, “Upper Corinth”, the acropolis of ancient Corinth, is a monolithic rock overseeing the ancient city of Corinth, Greece.
With its secure water supply, Acrocorinth’s fortress was repeatedly used as a last line of defense in southern Greece because it commanded the Isthmus of Corinth, repelling foes from entry by land into the Peloponnese peninsula.

  • Ancient Corinth (Archaia Korinthos) - Free time for Lunch Shopping
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Let us seize the opportunity to invigorate this emblem and collectively experience the bedrock of our customs. Believe in the locals! The Corinth Canal navigates the narrow land strip of Corinth, connecting the Corinth Gulf with the Saronic Gulf. Consequently, the canal detaches mainland Greece from Peloponnese, converting it into an island.

Renowned for its wealth, the legendary kingdom of Agamemnon, initially narrated in Homer’s epics, stands as the vital and wealthiest palace-centric hub of Late Bronze Age in Greece. This land lent its name to one of the predominant civilizations of Greek ancient times, the Mycenaean civilization. Furthermore, the myths associated with its past have inspired poets and writers for numerous generations.

Perceived as one of the most gorgeous towns in Argolis region (located in eastern Peloponnese) and one of the most romantic spaces throughout Greece, Nafplio has the honor of being the initial capital of the newborn Greek state from 1823 to 1834.

Syntagma Square
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Feb 4, 2024
An incredible tour and guide! Make sure to book early! - Andreas is so knowledgeable about Biblical and Greek history! We were on the edge of our seats! He was on time, his vehicle was immaculately clean, comfortable and he was extremely patient and kind! I highly recommend booking your private tour with Yomadic! I’m sure you will love it as much as we did!
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Nov 1, 2023
"Incredible combination of ancient Greece and flavor." - "Amazing tour to ancient Corinth! We passed through the Isthmus of Corinth, then visited ancient Corinth and finally Acrocorinth. The last stop was a wine tasting. The wine tasting was something else!! Thank you very much! See you again next year!!"
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Sep 8, 2023
St Paul’s Footsteps with Costas - My wife and I had a wonderful time on the Footsteps of St Paul tour with Costas, who took us to the Isthmian Canal, the ruins of ancient Corinth and the temple of Apollo, Acrocorinth and the ruins of a Frankish castle, and finally to Kenchreae, the port where St Paul first came to Corinth. Costas gave great historical commentary throughout and wonderful recommendations on shops in Corinth and food in Athens. Corinth is nicely out of the way of the big crowds in Athens and is well worth the trip for great sights and views. We can’t recommend this tour and Costas enough!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Sep 1, 2023
Wonderful antiquities tour - A perfect half day tour! The canal was interesting and the views along the coast were beautiful. We loved the antiquities in the museum and the Temple of Apollo was very impressive! The Acropolis of Ancient Corinth had outstanding views and requires hiking ability. The hike up the ancient stone path was worth it. Costas was a very knowledgeable guide and was very courteous. This is a good tour if you have evening reservations so that you can get back to your hotel, relax & be ready for the evening’s activities.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jul 19, 2023
A good guide will help you appreciate Corinth. Michael was excellent! - Michael, our driver and guide, was excellent! He was knowledgeable, drove carefully, and had great suggestions. For example, he picked a great lunch spot that suited our entire family.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Apr 13, 2023
Party like an ancient Corinthian - What a perfect way to spend the day! Andreas carefully explained historic and mythology stories, showed us the worlds oldest canal opening up trade between Italy and the Mediterranean.. next seeing the site where Paul stayed and preached to the Corinthians.. next the star of the show: the temple to Apollo and finally a gorgeous hike to the Acropoli of Corinth .. thank the Gods for the perfect day and Andreas’ time and attention.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Mar 22, 2023
Excellent time - We had a fabulous time and should've booked the full day tour. The castle was amazing. We will definitely be back.
Review provided by Viator
Sep 29, 2022
Ancient Corinth visit Corinth Canal - excellent tour,knowledgeable and very friendly driver Periklis plus a history lesson about the Marathon battle. Thank you Periklis.
Review provided by Viator
Sep 29, 2022
Ancient Corinth visit Corinth Canal - Me and my husband has been picked up from our hotel we stayed in Marathon by Periklis our driver on the extact time we stated. Periklis was very knowledgeable about Ancient Corinth visit Canal and friendly. He also give us an hour to see the AcroCorinth which is very kind of him and he explained to us a history about Acrocorinth. Plus a history lesson of the battle of Marathon. Over all total was very excellent. Thank you Periklis
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Sep 27, 2022
excellent service - Andreas is a very nice guy and was nicely on time. I definitely recommend them. The korinthian canal is stunning.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
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