Chilling Tales on a Haunted Boston Ghost Tour
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Step into the ghostly past of Boston’s historic streets, where every corner whispers tales of mystery, tragedy, and the supernatural waiting to be discovered

No refunds for canceled bookings
  • Immerse yourself in the spine-tingling atmosphere as you traverse Boston’s darkened alleys, learning about its ghoulish history under the soft glow of a lantern
  • Uncover the city’s chilling tales of hauntings, unsolved mysteries, and eerie events that paint a fascinating yet terrifying picture of Boston’s past
  • Experience an unforgettable night of thrilling ghost stories that will keep you on your toes and spark your curiosity about the city’s spectral inhabitants
Additional Information
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions, including carrying an umbrella if it’s raining.
  • The tour involves walking on uneven streets and sidewalks, up hills or inclines, and crossing streets with car and pedestrian traffic. Please wear appropriate footwear.
  • The operator and its staff are not liable for any injury or damage sustained to people or property during the tour.
Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116
Central Burying Ground Cemetery in the Boston Common. Tour ends at the Omni Parker Hotel.
(173 Ratings)
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