Delve into the Dark Underbelly of the Windy City
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Explore the dark and gritty side of Chicago’s history through the eyes of notorious gangsters and crime scenes

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  • Step into the shoes of infamous gangsters and detectives as you explore actual crime scenes and landmarks associated with Chicago’s dark history
  • Knowledgeable guides with a deep understanding of Chicago’s criminal past provide captivating storytelling and insights into the city’s notorious figures and their infamous deeds
  • Visit actual sites where notorious crimes took place, allowing you to connect with the city’s past in a tangible and visceral way
  • Engage in interactive elements and reenactments that bring the stories to life, allowing you to actively participate in the narrative and immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the time
Additional Information
  • There are no restrooms on the bus or restroom breaks, please go before checking in at the bus.
163 E Pearson St, Chicago, IL 60611
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