The Haunt: Los Angeles Ghost Hunting Tour
Los Angeles

Embark on a spine-chilling paranormal adventure through the neon-lit streets of Los Angeles’s Chinatown, where shadows dance and whispers of haunted history and hidden secrets linger.

No refunds for canceled bookings

-Embark on a spine-chilling paranormal adventure through Los Angeles’s Chinatown, equipped with ghost hunting tools
-Explore Chinatown’s mesmerizing Central Plaza and the neighborhood’s oldest Victorian cottage
-Investigate spectral encounters using EMF readers, dowsing rods, and a Spirit Box as you delve into forgotten graves and haunted locations
-Conclude with a mystical ceremony to honor the spirits, ensuring a protected departure, and cap off the night at a nearby bar for one last spirit

What's Included
  • EMF meter for Ghost Hunter tickets
  • Collectible pin
  • Post-tour recommendations
913 N Broadway
Cancellation Policy

Tours take place rain or shine.