Self-Guided Hoover Dam Driving Audio Tour
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White Hills
Embark on a self-guided driving tour to Hoover Dam and delve into the captivating story of its construction. Experience the engineering marvel and its dramatic history like an expert!
Duration: 5 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Las Vegas - Surrounded as we are by all this glitz and glam, it might be hard to imagine the Las Vegas Valley before it became a major city. It was hot, dry, and mostly a blank spot on American maps.
What's Included
  • Play stories automatically with GPS, hands-free.
  • Access a full itinerary with tips, narrations, videos, and hidden gems.
  • Use offline with GPS maps and routes, no cell or wifi needed.
  • Enjoy a private tour at your own pace in your own or a rental car.
  • Easily get the tour on your phone via app link and password.
  • Tour on any day with a flexible schedule, usable over multiple trips.
  • Great value with one purchase per car, more affordable than bus tours.
What's Not Included
  • Attraction passes, entry tickets, or reservations
Additional Information

Embark on a journey to the awe-inspiring Hoover Dam, not as a sightseer but as a connoisseur! With this autonomous driving tour, you can set out from either Las Vegas or Arizona towards the Hoover Dam, learning the captivating narrative of its creation during your ride. Uncover a story filled with urgency, daring stunts, and immense human aspiration while on the move. Then, amble along the dam, marvelling at this remarkable engineering achievement from close quarters!

Once you’ve made your reservation, remember to check your email. This will allow you to download the Tour Guide App by Action, input your exclusive password, and gain access to your tour. The aforementioned actions necessitate a stable internet/wifi connection. Simply adhere to the audio guidelines and route thereafter.

This doesn’t serve as a entry ticket. Ensure you verify the opening hours prior to your visit.

No expiry date — The tour offers lifetime validity!

  • How to access: Once you book a tour, you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions. Follow the instructions right away: • Download the separate app • Enter the password • Download the tour • MUST DO while in strong wifi/cellular.
  • How to start the tour: Open Action’s separate audio tour guide app once onsite. • If there is just one tour, launch it. • If multiple tour versions exist, launch the one with your planned starting point and direction. • Go to the starting point. (Note: no one will meet you at the start. This tour is self-guided). • The audio will begin automatically at the starting point. If you face audio issues, visit the FAQ. • Stick to the tour route & speed limit for the best experience.
  • Amazing Savings: why pay for an expensive, crowded, and limited bus tour — priced per person! — when you can have ONE amazing audio guide on your OWN phone for your WHOLE group?
  • Flexibility and Convenience: • Use the tour app anytime, on any day, and over multiple days. It’s perfect for tailoring your exploration and revisiting your favorite spots on future trips. • Start and pause the tour whenever you like, taking breaks and exploring side excursions at your own pace, free from the constraints of a group.
  • Comprehensive Tour Experience: •The app provides a full itinerary, travel tips, narrated audio stories, scripts, images, videos, and recommendations for additional activities. • Enjoy a private experience without the crowds, ideal for personalized stops and photo opportunities.
  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: • The app is hands-free and activates stories via GPS, offering support through call, chat, or email. • There is no need for a continuous cell or Wi-Fi connection as the GPS map works offline.
  • Memorable Keepsakes: • Utilize the app’s images to create a photo book or share on social media, ensuring you have high-quality, crowd-free memories from your trip.
  • Preparation: • After booking, download the app and the tour using a strong Wi-Fi connection. • Review the tour at home before your trip for a better experience.
  • Starting the Tour: • Open the app upon arrival at your destination. • Select the appropriate tour based on your starting point. • Head to the starting location; the audio will begin automatically. • Follow the suggested route and adhere to the speed limit for an optimal experience. • By following these instructions and taking advantage of the app’s features, users can enjoy a personalized, flexible, and in-depth exploration of their destination at their own pace and convenience.
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Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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Jan 2, 2024
Touring with my own phase. - Being on top of the Memorial Bridge and up and close at Hoover Dam. I was trying to imagine how it was like being in the movies Superman and Transformers.
Review provided by Viator
Mar 23, 2024
Great tour guide - There were 2 Las Vegas options so I chose Tropicana but I ended up in Harley Davidson so I guess please update info. I then checked the paperwork and it did not mention Tropicana, only Bellagio and Arizona. So if that was a checkpoint, not good. There should not have been a route for Tropicana. So I drove to Bellagio and there was no parking space to get ready and it was quite busy and I did not want to be a burden. I also thought that maybe someone would be there to give final instructions or maybe a pep talk to say enjoy yourself (they did that in Alaska). So everyone was nice, no honking, the route did not talk and I could not see the car in the map. So I made a guess and it was right because the app started talking. The problem then, is that it gives you turn instructions when it is too late, not enough time to change lanes safely. I made one mistake because I am not familiar with Las Vegas but aside from that, it was amazing. I love the information, the speaker, even the pictures chosen. I made it to Hoover Dam with pleasure. I lost it again when I decided to drive all the way to the end because it did not talk. But on the way back from Arizona, it started to talk about going to the Arizona side. That's the problem. I thought it would pick up that I was going the other way (Sesame Street). I will still buy other tours. I visit LV everyone 6 months or so, you'll hear from me again. I could try Arizona since I was there on a cowboy ranch. Could you make sure that I can see the car in the map like using a different color for the moving dot? Even if you use a car as an avatar, it needs to have a different color from the road on the map.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
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